For Developers

Blockade helps you maintain the fine line between content and structure.

Make it Your Own

Blockade was built from the ground up with developers in mind. You’ll find actions and filters on almost everywhere we interact with WordPress, making it easy to modify Blockade to suit almost any purpose under the sun.

In addition, Every block is implemented as a separate addon, so overriding them to add new functionality or adding entirely new blocks is trivial. We even maintain a sample addon to use as a template, when creating your own custom blocks. (requires knowledge of PHP and Vanilla JS)


Blockade also takes a unique approach to separation of concern. We see Blockade’s role as adding single-use formatting within the content itself. As such, Blocks belong defined directly in the content, as raw html.

Other visual page builders fill the page content with shortcodes (or replace it entirely), and replace the WordPress editor with their own custom interface. This makes integration with other plugins a pain, and makes it extremely difficult to properly integrate custom metaboxes. Furthermore, once integrated, uninstalling one of these builders leaves you without a usable site.

Blockade stores all data as html, in the page content itself, and implements its entire interface within the normal WordPress editor (tinyMCE), meaning that almost zero integration issues with existing plugins. Even if you uninstall Blockade, or move your content to a new site, nothing will break.  You may need to edit the custom HTML by hand, since you’ll no longer have a visual interface for editing Blocks, and you may need to add some supporting classes for columns, etc, but all the data necessary to render your pages is simply stored as divs, classes, and styles, making Blockade sites completely portable.

Blockade is also flexible, making integration with other plugins and use cases trivial.  if you have custom Post Types or secondary Editors in your theme, adding Blockade to them is as simple as adding a filter to functions.php. This makes integration with ACF a breeze, as well as integration with pretty much any other tools of the sort.

Add Blockade To Custom Post Types and Editors