For Designers

Blockade provides creative control, as well as creative freedom

Blockade is unlike other visual page builders, in that design is left in your capable hands. Other builders include thousands of lines of pre-defined CSS that you have to override and integrate, and seem to have no end of edge cases that your client can invoke at any time, breaking your carefully built branding. Blockade, on the other hand, just integrates Bootstrap (a widely supported and relatively unopinionated framework found at the heart of popular starter themes like Bones) and leaves the rest to you.

Don’t like the default bootstrap variables? Think the full framework is overkill? Just declare Bootstrap support in your theme, and you can include your own customized version, with exactly the features you want.

Do you have a color palette that you want used across your site? Want to prevent your client from going off-brand? Declare your color palette in functions.php, and it will carry through to every colorpicker in the editor.

Do you need a custom block that will be used across the site?  Work with a developer to create site-specific blocks.

Blockade is designed to provide exactly the features your clients need, and nothing more.

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