For Clients

Create stunning new content without bothering your design team.

One of the hardest things on the web is to keep your content fresh and your design modern, without spending a fortune on an in-house web team. Blockade is designed with this need in mind, to help you get the best bang for your buck out of your designers.

With the traditional WordPress editor, you’re limited to creating blog-style posts that feel like one continuous article.  While that may be alright for blogs and even for some informational pages, it falls short when creating and editing advertising materials.

With other visual page builders, you get a firehose of options, and creating new content that matches your brand is an exercise in futility, essentially either requiring your web guys to fix the design on every page once populated, or leaving your site looking like the poster for the company softball team. After all, if you have to design the site anyway, why aren’t you just working as a designer?

Life with Blockade is different. During design, you’ll work with your web team to develop styles, palettes, and custom blocks that meet your needs as a business. Then, when it comes time to create a new page, it’s as simple as pulling in blocks from that set, and filling them with your content.  As a result, you’re never off-brand, and you can create stunning landing pages and advertising materials in minutes, without having to go back to a designer.

Need proof? Every page of this site was created in minutes, completely in Blockade.