About Blockade

What is Blockade?

Blockade is a visual page builder that integrates with TinyMCE (the WordPress visual editor), rather than replacing it, and produces standards-compliant HTML5. The resulting code is fast, flexible, and easily modified by designers and developers.

Blockade was created as a solution to a common problem in WordPress: How do you add more advanced formatting to individual pages, while maintaining user easily editable content?  Many other solutions exist to address this issue, but all of them fall short of meeting the need for a lightweight tool to add simple custom formatting to individual pages.  Read more about the issues with existing solutions.

What is Blockade Good At?

Blockade is great at adding single use HTML to a page.  It  can make common formatting tasks like aligning images or video and text, creating columns, adding buttons, managing backgrounds and callouts much easier, especially when it comes to ensuring your designs are clean and responsive. Basically, if you want your pages’ content to look like a modern, professional website, rather than a blog, Blockade can help. You can use the interactive editor to see how we used Blockade to create this site.

Who is Behind Blockade?

Blockade is a project of Burlington Bytes, a full-service digital marketing, design, and web development firm in Burlington,VT. It was originally developed for in-house use, to serve the growing subset of our clients who were unhappy with other visual page builders, but still needed the power offered by that sort of tool. Blockade has been in active development and in use on production websites since 2015.