Notice: Blockade is currently in open BETA. As such, releases may be frequent, and the feature set is subject to change

The WordPress Editor
Done Right.


What is Blockade?

Blockade is a radical new take on WordPress page builders, that enhances the traditional editor, rather than replacing it. As a result, users get the same familiar WordPress interface for editing across the site, while gaining the power of a full drag and drop builder.

An Editor for Everyone


For Designers

Give your clients the flexibility and control they want, without losing the ability to create a tightly branded experience.


For Developers

Maintain a separation between content and structure, to make your site more portable between themes and platforms.


For Clients

Maintain your brand identity online while still enabling your employees to create new and flexible layouts in minutes.


Blockade was created for the WordPress community, to fill a need. Although premium addons will be created to support ongoing development, the core plugin will remain free, open, and fully functional.